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Are you a Malibu citizen that is facing IRS tax debt? Has failing to pay your income taxes been making life more difficult? Anyone in your situation will find that there are several options for resolution. In order to prevent confusion, many taxpayers search online to find a Malibu Tax Attorney or other IRS debt expert. When preparing to negotiate a settlement with the IRS, you may find that a professional tax company can secure better resolutions based on the specifics of your case. With a talented staff of IRS Tax Practitioners, which must be lawyers, CPAs or Enrolled Agents, our company has the right tools to get you of tax debt.

There are many ways an individual can end up owing the federal government tax debt. Our tax debt specialists will work with you to discover the tax settlement plan you qualify for and help you reach the best tax settlement available based on your circumstances. Call us today for a free consultation and learn more about IRS tax resolutions. We may not have headquarters in Malibu, but our track record from thousands of successful IRS debt resolutions across the United States will help you solve any tax related problem you may be facing. We are committed to quality service and providing quick recommendations for any type of tax debt solution.

The IRS has many options available for qualifying taxpayers who have tax debt problems. A trained tax debt specialist will start by conducting an analysis of your finances, tax history and monthly expenditures. We will discover your Reasonable Collection Potential and help you avoid collection actions. The IRS agents base their decisions on a taxpayer’s master file and any financial documentation submitted by the taxpayers. Our team’s financial investigation ensures that the whole picture of your situation and expenditures is presented to the government.

Your assigned IRS expert will submit a proposal for the tax settlement that best fits your case and then will negotiate on your behalf to ensure that your best interests are secured. Once the IRS and the taxpayers are happy with the results of a negotiation, the settlement will be accepted and as long as the individual remains compliant with the terms of the tax settlement, there will be no more tax debt problems. Whether your payments in this plan are large or small, it is crucial that you make all payments in your agreement. Our tax debt specialists follow the same IRS guidelines as a Malibu tax lawyer.

Our tax specialists also handle more than just IRS problems. Taxpayers who were assessed large tax penalties under circumstances that were out of their control may be eligible for a tax penalty abatement. In addition, a trained financial tax expert can help individuals who own businesses with bookkeeping and payroll taxes. Business tax debt can sometimes affect individuals who own the business unless they are properly protected legally. Our tax teams will work with you to ensure that your business tax problems do not continue into your personal life. To help you save money and time, we may be able to offer you better rates than a Malibu tax attorney and provide resources and fast recommendations to simplify your case.

The most important factor in choosing the right tax professional is their ability to manage your case properly. Some cases may be best served by a lawyer, such as those in which you need guidance on legal rights and responsibilities. Experts like a local Malibu tax attorney is the only type of IRS debt specialist that can give you this advice. Calling our tax debt experts can help you determine your needs based on the specifics of your case as well as your eligibility for certain resolution programs. We are not Malibu attorneys or a law firm, but we do have teams of CPAs, Enrolled Agents and tax negotiators that can help you explore your options.

Our tax professionals are standing by to help you with your IRS and state tax problems. Get a free consultation, answers to your problems and advice on what is the “next step”. For any taxpayers in Malibu or the surrounding area with tax questions, we will lay out our program in easy steps. Tax relief is within reach, act today to stop the IRS from impacting your financial future. Call today and start on the road to tax resolution!

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